Friday, November 11, 2011


Mi piace l'Italia. Mi piace cibo. Mi piace cibo di l'italiano. Mi piace Baris.

Translation? What you don't speak Italian?!  Mama Mia! Ok... (don't worry, I don't either, I am just in Italian class)

I like Italy. I like food. I like Italian food. I like Baris.

But really, I enjoy eating at Baris in Waco, Texas. It is a family owned restaurant with amazing and cheap Italian food. What more could a college kid want? I have loved everything I have gotten at Baris. First, I always get the rolls! They are seriously as big as your face...ok not really, but close enough! They come out fresh and so hot that they melt the butter in the packets underneath it! You have to order the rolls whenever (not IF, WHEN) you come to Baris! It will change you life, just saying.

This was the first restaurant I took my parents to when I was a freshman at Baylor. We have been back multiple times since then. My parents have even taken my grandparents to Baris when they have visited!  They love everything they have tried on the menu. They never look back and regret going to Baris.
"Baris is such a unique and delicious restaurant. It is the ideal hole in the wall college town place to eat!" Susanne Kirk said.

Baris has an two ideal locations. One on Valley Mills and one closer to Woodway. So you have no reason not to stop by one day after work, school or church! It is always packed, but has quick service! I have never had to wait. I have also never tried something on the menu that I haven't enjoyed. The meals here are cheap, but so delicious. Mama Baris doesn't fail our taste for good food! The meals come out steaming and hot enough to burn your tongue, but that is good because then you know it is fresh. The salads are so good, the dressing is served in ketchup bottles. It is unique and the dressing is fantastic. A random thing that I love about Baris is the ice that comes in the drinks, it reminds me of Sonic is really good! It is the little things that we all know and love. Baris is seriously one of the greatest Italian food places that I have been to, cheap and yummy. It is something I crave when I am not in Waco. Everyone needs to visit Mama Baris and Baris sometime soon, you won't regret it I promise. 

Address: 904 North Valley Mills Drive  Waco, TX 76710
Prices: $5 to $7 per meal
Buon appetito!
(Enjoy your meal!)

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