Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cafe Cappuccino

Cafe Cappuccino, the BEST breakfast place in Waco, hands down. I have never gotten anything that I haven't loved. It has amplified my love for breakfast food. The bacon is crisp and had great taste, while the pancakes are as big as your plate, as you can see in the picture. There are multiple different types of pancakes you can get! I tend to stay with the traditional buttermilk pancakes, but there are many unique kinds! More than you can imagine! There is blueberry, chocolate chip, banana, banana nut, gingerbread, wheat and the list goes on and on! They have delicious french toast as well. I think the batter includes cinnamon sugar. The bacon is perfectly crisp, unless you ask for it another way. They are more than willing to cook anything the way you like it. They also have the best cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate. They are very good, they live up to the name of the restaurant! I have never ordered anything from Cafe Capp that I haven't liked.

My parents love to get me gift cards from here, because this is where I go if I want a delicious breakfast! I always leave happy and full and so does everyone else I go with.
"Cafe Capp's pancakes are the best in Waco. They have made me refuse to eat Ihop pancakes." Dale Greenwood said.
Cafe Capp can be very crowded, because of the popularity of it. So sometimes there is a wait, but most of the time there isn't a wait. I think this place is the perfect place for brunch or breakfast! It fills you up and leaves you feeling good and full. Another plus about Cafe Capp is that it is fairly cheap! One pancake is about $2 or $3. Pretty cheap considering how much pancake you are getting. You get a great deal when you eat at Cafe Cappuccino. It is a popular spot that is a must for anyone wanting breakfast or brunch in Waco. There are even two locations! I would recommend Cafe Cappuccino to everyone, you won't regret going to Cafe Capp.

Address: 100 N 6th #100 Waco, Texas 76701
Price: $4 to $10 per meal

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