Saturday, November 12, 2011


George's, a Waco tradition. It is so good, that my dad went to George's while he was in college and remembers it being as good as it is today! Mhmmmm it is so good, I love it! This is a good hole in the wall restaurant to take friends who have never been to Waco before, It will leave them with a good impression. You can never go wrong with an appetizer at George's. My personal favorite is the Big "O" onion rings. No joke, they are big, but so perfect! I also have ventured out into trying the fried jalapenos! They are good as well, if you want a little kick to your appetizer. George's is known for their chicken fried, so that is what I always get. It is delicious and perfectly fried. It is a good hearty meal. They are also known for their big "O" cups, which can contain any drink you like. They are famous for them, so I am sure they are good!
"Everything at George's is delicious, but if there is one thing that got me hooked, it was the delicious big "O" and the appetizers." Susanne Kirk said.
The atmosphere of George's is so fun on a game day, there are TVs everywhere so no matter if you're a Baylor fan or a fan of another team, you are sure to find it on one of the many screens at George's. This is the perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the big game! You are sure to have a good time! I would recommend George's to anyone. It has great food, drink and a fun atmosphere. George's is a Waco must! It is legendary. It is a fun college town spot that is always a hit. Sometimes George's is so crowded that there are ridiculous waits, but if you go at the right time, you will be lucky enough not to wait for the delicious food and drinks. It is clear that George's is home to wonderful food and drinks, so I recommend that you go next time you are in Waco, you and your tummy are sure to leave happy.

Address: 1925 Speight Avenue Waco, Texas 76706
Price: $8 to $12 per meal

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