Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Health Camp

Health Camp is such an ironic name. You hear the name and you probably think I am going to tell you about something really healthy, but that is FALSE. But let me tell you, it is delicious, greasy deliciousness! It is what you imagine when you think of a hole in the wall, college burger joint! It has been hopping in Waco since 1948, what an iconic burger place in Waco. It could have been here when your grandparents were here, how crazy?! That just tells you how good Health Camp is, not to mention you see signs everywhere in Waco and on I-35 about Health Camp.
"Health Camp is a hoppin' burger joint that is always a hit!" Cain Kirk said.
Health Camp is a tiny restaurant with delicious shakes, burgers, onion rings, tater tots and fries. Everything there is fresh off the grill or just made right in front of your eyes. You name it, it is good at Health Camp, but probably not healthy! Oopsie. Oh well, you can give in everyone once in a while....especially when you pass through Waco! It is one of those meals where you crave that burger and fries later and you won't settle for anything less than the best! No fast foot restaurant lives up to Health Camp. It might be greasy, but there is just something different about going to a place that has been loved for so many years and that it a one of a kind restaurant. You will find nothing like it. There is nothing like Health Camp. You will not look back at your decision to go visit Health Camp. I have never met anyone that didn't enjoy it. You will love Health Camp, just like I know everyone else does.

Address: 2601 Circle Road Waco, TX 76706
Price: $5 to $8 per meal

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