Tuesday, November 8, 2011

one life, one love and one lunch time

I figured out that I really enjoy talking about food. I know, kind of weird, but I do! I love trying new restaurants in Waco! Ironic enough that I decided to call my blog "food for thought" since there is a restaurant in Waco called that! But I love food, trying new foods and places! It is fun going to school at Baylor and being in Waco, but I still love going home for the holidays, because I still get to experience a bunch of different restaurants. I have always secretly wanted to be a food critic. Like get paid to go eat somewhere and evaluate it. Free meals...that would be cool! So I figured I would make a blog on food, talking about places and items I like to eat! I think it is important to find the good restaurants, because after all.

While I venture out and find new Waco treasures, I kind of imagine Disney's Beauty and the Beast song "Be Our Guest," because I will be tasting all this food so it is like they are telling me to be their guest and enjoy my meal. Plus, who doesn't like that song or movie? But doing this will be fun and adventurous. I love trying new places and things to eat. I think everything I try will be good. So why not go big or go home and try something new? You only have one life, one love and one lunch time!

Buon appetito i miei amici! 
(Enjoy your meal my friends!) 

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