Friday, November 11, 2011

Cathay House

Do you want authentic Chinese food? Do you want to be in an environment where you feel like you are in another country? Then go to Cathay House, you won't regret it. Not to mention that it has been voted the best Chinese food in Waco for the past 6 years or so. I am no surprised, because it is that good! It is located off of valley mills. It is in wooded acres! The building is so authentic too! It looks like a oriental house...literally. Do you see what I mean? What more could you want? I think someone lives there, but it doesn't matter. Because this food is so delicious, they must eat, breath and sleep Cathay House in order to perfect this unique restaurant.

I have taken many people to Cathay House that have never heard of it. They are never let down! My friend Bailey loved it so much that she even took her mom there when her mom was in town. We have talked about Cathay House so much, because she enjoyed her meal there so much.
"Cathay House is some of the best Chinese food that I have ever had. It is like I just uncovered a hidden treasure!" Bailey Caffee said.
You get so much food for what you spend. At Cathay House, you get fried noodles, soup, chicken, an egg roll, rice and a fortune cookie for $10! It looks pretty yummy, right? And it is generous portions, might I add! I alway leave full and more than satisfied when I leave Cathay House. It is always nice to go to a restaurant that is unique to wherever you are. I am so glad that I one time went out on a limb and tried Cathay decision ever. I don't think anyone would regret going, because this place is so delicious, convenient location and always a quiet atmosphere! It is a relatively small restaurant, but I have never had to wait for a table. I think it is almost an undiscovered restaurant in the Waco and Baylor community. I believe it is a Waco treasure that needs to be known throughout the Baylor community, because this is better and cheaper than Pei-Wei and better than Panda Express. If you want Chinese hit up Cathay House. Everyone should venture out to Cathay House, because her house is your house and they never disappoint!

Address: 825 Wooded Acres Drive  Waco, TX 76710
Prices: $8 to $10 per meal

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